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Hello Algeria

We havent much time we must act fast.As everyone knows Country President elections are over and the winner is already known Alex Popovic.
The new Governement has been set,although,some ministry positions should be full fill soon.As Algerian public already know we have battle with Spain
a lot stronger enemy,but we are ready and we will give them resistance which they probably will not see in recent time.Apology for not going to reveal everything but we will be there on the battlefield against Spain.

Now short introduction of the new Government;
-GodFather Prime Minister/vCP
-MoD Huella
-MoFA Swiss World

Now our plans for recovering Algeria and building economy of Algeria.We will  bought as much as possible gold as Admins already announced of ratio of gold,buying 200 gold will be for 50k so for that  ammount of money we will use it for supplying our fighters and MoD and Prime Minister already working on the best module for supplying system of our fighters.Renting regions from bigger countries our enemies will be continued throught talks of both or trilateral will be talks of joining some sort of Alliances and signing MPP-s with friendly countries.For timebeing as we all know MPP are expensive and therefore will not be signed,but in the near future it will be signed a couple of MPPs and our diplomacy will work hard for Algeria and we will do our best from me as Country President,MoD,MoFA will do everything and if it necessary talking of peace process with stronger countries.

Want to assure all of the citizens of eDom Algeria that we will not let them down and we will through diplomacy recover our country.Every Algerian fighter will be well equiped and the Government of eDom Algeria will help every Algerian low level citizen to strengthen their profiles,and engouraging them to win the medals and upgrade their training grounds.As concerned of companies those Algerian players who already have company will sell his products to Algerian Market and will get profit but in the same time Algeria will get profit from taxes.As concerned of taxes there will be some slight changes,WT will grow,Income and VAT.VAT will not be too much high and there will be talks between Governement and company holders for all the best and the difference from gaining VAT will be delivered to the producers and owners of companies.Ofcourse that will be primary task for the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance.

This is all for now.The article will be sorted it out with fancy pics in a couple of minutes.

The Country President
Alex Popovic



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