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Some good videos for fun

Published in Turkey - Social interactions and entertainment - 7 - 11 Jun 18 12:58

So as im having funn all day in this excited game i decide to  just go for second to see if there is anything good on youtube, and well anything on youtube is better then this xD

So to not write to much i find some good videos from one guy that make me laugh all day so i share here if somebody to have to much funn on edom and wants to relax from the game a little.

1. Best song thats describe most if not all eDom community

2.  One day before some months one random georgian try to provoke Axis by telling that we dont respect Poland because we named alliance Axis :D and he knows history what nazies did to Poland and so on... so this song is from Axis to apologise to Poland ( i mean only Savant as he is jew ( real jew not fakejew like fakechilean))

3. Listening to this song reminds me on Antimon idk why but listen... maybe you see it to 

4. Song has nothing with edom but its good :D

5. This song is like created for Galaico..

6. eChinese dream from day 1...

7. And for end no songs just remmember those songs are for fun that i find on youtube so i hope someone will make a day good....


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11 Jun 18 13:00
El Tarlo

no boobs , no vote ....

11 Jun 18 13:00


11 Jun 18 13:15

no boobs , no vote ....

11 Jun 18 13:16
eevil king

Makarov, you are beyond salvation hahahhaha

11 Jun 18 15:15

propa si

12 Jun 18 07:12

ay lmao

12 Jun 18 07:43