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Published in Netherlands - Political debates and analysis - 9 - 08 Aug 18 17:18

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The last days i made many comments/shouts about game changes and ideas and i thought that its good idea to add them and explain in an article. Personally i dont want any change in production formula or at the ORGs or changes at mpp costs but i think that problems can be solved without that changes. 

a) Now at the current war module we have the urban round first and the air round last. I think that its not close to RL (like the taxes for ORGs) and i would like to ask to make :
- 1st round Air and gives 2 points . 2nd round Land and gives 3 points and 3rd round Urban and gives 5 points. 
I was also thinking that because for example Q5 guns has x2 damage and Q5 air has x4 damage. Q5 guns due to the fact that urban round gives only 2 points and they make less damage they are almost useless. Finally , most people makes and uses Air and in lots of battles noone fights hard in urban round and if urban and land are lost they mostly focus the air round so they can make the 5-5 and with airs that make more damage is easier to win. 

b) Also this change will also have a big impact at Military Unit Traits. I want to say that the countries and MUs will have to reconsider their strategy and have also Urban or Land Trait which will cost Weapons or Tanks. As i also said before most people are producing Air ... SO NEW COMPANIES WILL HAVE TO BE MADE AND LOTS OF GOLD WILL BE REMOVED FROM THE GAME. (I also think that MU Ranks and Traits are not advertised well in game , missions or events.... )

c) Ak47, panzers and falcons came in the game and made the other weapons almost useless. How about making them available for example at epic battles only ? Or if you want to make new strategic building for rockets etc (which i dont like very much) add those 3 and mortars in order for a rocket to be build. 

d) A long time ago in some missions you gave as reward a gold mine. Personally i would like that to return but with a fixed amount of gold per day. This i think will help at the gold flow problem .... also if you dont want to give it as reward for mission .... add it to the store. 
For example now with 5 Euro i can buy instantly 20 gold. With 5 Euro someone can buy a gold mine for a week (7 days) that will give him 4 gold per day ... total 28 gold ... more gold but not instantly. This can make the game a less pay2win game. (I dont think upgrade gold mine option is a good idea).

e) Also a minor change about the gold flow .... remove the option to travel using energy. Its a small amount that is removed from the game but i think most people are travelling with energy cause food is cheaper. 

Finally i think that making changes at the production , will not solve the problem for a long time but after a few months maybe the same gold flow problem will occur. And please dont make the mpp cost at 50g ... if you want to make a change at mpp , make it automatically to be paid from both treasuries with 5g ... cause its mutual. 

Sorry for any mistake i made (i am not good enough at English) and i would like your opinions to the comment section below. Please if you want to support dont send me cc .... give me a sub. 
Savvas a.k.a. El Tarlo


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08 Aug 18 17:55
Zig Thorak

nice one but i dont agree at section e at all

08 Aug 18 18:08

Once More idea hack all Blacks More often

08 Aug 18 18:15

nice ideas but I dont agree with traveling only with gold. in erev nobody like that and I think same thing will happened here :)

08 Aug 18 18:42

You are wrong about weapons since they have +50% damage on urban combat. The issue about weapons is not the damage but the 2 points Urban Combat round has. Make it 1-1-1 points and watch weapons/tanks being relevant. I know people may argue about Air Combat value due the price of air companies, but in a middle/long-term prices have a tendence to balance.

08 Aug 18 19:55

The only and big problem of the game is NO WAR...pleople is playing to be friends and farmville!.... The only way to spend golds is with war!.... Changes in MPPs is the only way

08 Aug 18 22:34

i dont agree with e it wasnt good at all in erev and changing the battle module is nice but i dont think this will work the way you described it (btw in last week vokasi said new graphics for battles is coming)

09 Aug 18 13:23
El Gran Terminon

Nice ideas..about c) making the new weapons available only for epic battles sounds good BUT what is the chance for a battle to go epic from R1? So you can use AK47

10 Aug 18 00:11

I agree for wep,tank they are almost usseles best option is to change every round to give 1 points so u need 2 round for win