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Help article for GioZombie

Published in Colombia - Social interactions and entertainment - 17 - 09 Aug 18 13:33

Before some days/week, our player GioZombie was robbed by Tatan.

One day, when he was tanking for Colombia and was busy to make clicks Tatan stole his penis. 

No matter how you have good underwear and protection that kind of things happens and it can happen to all.

When he was robbed, Tatan did some shooting with a penis and spend all sperm.

Gio wanted to leave a game as anybody of us would want it, but this doesnt have to end like that.
The penis is wasted but hope does not lose, we all here can help him to collect some money for Medical operation so his lost wouldnt be so big.

Thats why I wrote this article, no matter in what alliance we are, are we friends or enemies or anything other, in such times we need to be together and help each other as this game is live not because of golds but because of players, friendships...

Who ever has 1 or 5 or more gold that he doesnt need or it will not make him problem should donate to GioZombie to help him with this problem. 

For any strong player, few golds is not problem but it can help him allot.

Any endorse on this article will be transferred into gold and will stay in my pocket.


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09 Aug 18 13:35

Success: You have successfully donated... Chin up buddy o7

09 Aug 18 13:36

Jajajajajajajajaja tatantulachi

09 Aug 18 13:42

hahahahjajajajahajaha xD

09 Aug 18 13:46


09 Aug 18 14:05
TIT0 el Inmortal

Gio pete

09 Aug 18 14:13
TIT0 el Inmortal

When a fellow Georgian and I was cheated by a fake turks ... those who now ask for help for All Black ... were the first to laugh ... mock and beautiful edom people

09 Aug 18 14:25
El Gran Terminon


09 Aug 18 14:28


09 Aug 18 19:53
Pure Evil


09 Aug 18 20:09


09 Aug 18 20:59
DesImpact Trueno

So, in other Words, you ask if someone could sent some penis to gio zombie?

09 Aug 18 23:25

damn xd

10 Aug 18 00:14

Donate penis to kaatinga. He will keep it in his pocket. :P

10 Aug 18 00:32

Its disturbing that kaatinga thinks and even writes article about someones penis.

11 Aug 18 00:27

Eso quiere decir que gio no tiene nepe

11 Aug 18 09:43

A mí me sobra pene puedo donar 10 cm

11 Aug 18 09:46

Dame esos 10 cm de sobra papijapi