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§ 11: Janezs Mojo still not found (Eddie graduated with a CH)

Published in China - Warfare analysis - 9 - 12 Sep 18 14:14

Good evening to my dearest readers,
and good luck to Janez while searching for his lost possession!

Today was a very special day for our small community in German Empire. We regained Bavaria back from Slovenia. That was not just another battle but was a very special one for our special Jager baby. Eddie, here he goes by the name of Jonas Auldwin, has graduated eDominations with a Campaign medal. He fought so viciously that even eevil king dropped the defenses and joined him in battle. Nice damage there, Slovenian traitor numbah free Oktoberfest. D:
We are just throwing a party with a goat and now I was denied roasted goat till I finish this damned article. D:

In other news Janez Grozni is still searching for his mojo.

China is still numbah wan.

Cronuss`s wife wants to know where he learned the magic with his fingers.


Antimon has a birthday and doesnt want any gifts.

Ambru thinks he is Kaveh and talks to himself. (Proper institutions have been notified)

And thats about it for todays edition of § 11.

I am a slightly disappointed Slovenian today.
Looking at eevil king.

Best regards,



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Comments (9)

12 Sep 18 14:20
Qin Shi Huang

again you left important part of article ,,how proud you are,, :D

12 Sep 18 14:20

666 hits o shiz

12 Sep 18 14:24
Tralala hopsasa

:/ An act of courtesy to ur Kaveh is being mocked. Well done Valuk :P ... sem pa že rekel, da postajaš površen, ponavljajoč in dolgočasen. Zeh, zeh. :p4ntherasballs:

12 Sep 18 14:25

check the article again qin. today im slightly disappointed D:

12 Sep 18 14:35
Tralala hopsasa

Evo, na. Dobiš 5 sitov za vodno pištolco iz štacune.

12 Sep 18 15:27
Moros Kan

Shit. Ne dajaj mu takih nevarnih igračk. Lahko še koga zmoči in prehladi!

12 Sep 18 16:04

Great article xD omg.. Bravo, was so funny

13 Sep 18 02:48

you should put rom battle too

13 Sep 18 14:49

I was Axis that lost mojo. I dont believe anyoen else had it.