My birthday wish list

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Beloved eDominations community!

There is something very important I have to announce and share with you. Yesterday it was a very important day in my real life. I had a birthday. I am not joking!

But I felt so lonely and forgotten from everyone cuz nobody in this server sent me a gift. Then I realized, you might not know my desires and therefore you are unable to send me some gifts. Wow, that is certainly something I can fix. Therefore I would like to share my wish-list with you, my friends:

1. to drink a coffe with Janez Grozni and eevil king on Blejski Otok
2. to take a dinner with el Padre in Ibiza
3. to watch a porn movie with a German princess Frida K. (naked in her bed) Honestly guys, who doesnt want that?
4. to spend a night with a famous Slovenian prostitute Valuk89 in Central Park NYC
5. to find a mojo. I could sell it to Janez Grozni for a bunch of gold if Admin approves it
6. to get a long-term loan of 10k gold from Tyrael after the day 507, hopefully with a bless of Admin
7. to write a revised chapter of Geography for Dummies book to include countries sLOLakia and sLOLnia
8. to read Hail Slovenia in comments section of this article, correctly written by Ikta Solork (well, that would probably throw me on the ass from surprise, but it would be a nice refreshment)
9. to watch a lightsaber match between Makarov and Antimon (although I am afraid there would be to much talking and no real action)
10. to get a new feature in game: a *slap bybatu button with a slaps counter* near to the Fight button in battlefield. (Admin surprise us).
11. to read a new article from Warder
12. to hunt some paraguayan beauties with zebosk

Certainly, a b.itch for skofjaloka should not miss:


Fighter 007El Gran TITSCuraitobybatubybatubybatubybatuNeftochimicErikVGEORGIANGEORGIAN

Comments (25)

12 Sep 18 18:07

no pole

12 Sep 18 18:59

i wanna send you some gift but you should wait 12-48h for it to approve, also tylear think we all are Peru s (Multi land) multis and if I donate you something one-way both of us will be banned :( still you want your gift or not? :D

12 Sep 18 19:05
El Coloro


12 Sep 18 20:48


12 Sep 18 21:48

Vse najboljše in naj se ti izpolni vsaj ena želja. Ikta verjetno ne, morda pa vsaj Janez na Bledu.

12 Sep 18 22:17
Fighter 007

H.B Legenda ;)

12 Sep 18 22:38

@test No problem. I can wait. Just open the ticket and wait for approval. If refused, open new ticket for the next item in the list. If all rejected, start over again. @eF2P If you feel lonely because of this, just come to me. I can give you a shoulder. I feel you, you are not alone. Keep in mind that weirdness is the ability of intelligent people. You should allow yourself to think out of the box. Dont let people to distract you. Follow your dreams. Be proud you are weirdo. It is absoluttely nothing wrong with that. Only idiots thinks it is. Live them behind. You dont need them! @Tomazs thank you!

13 Sep 18 01:37

Аз ще ти подаря някои неща веднага. Честит Рожден Ден! Нянам време да питам дали мога да си подаря личните стоки и злато. Всичко изпратено е от сърце

13 Sep 18 01:43

До: massaru 43 seconds ago 30 . 00 Злато До: massaru 1 minute ago 300 Item(s) Бойни самолети До: massaru 1 minute ago 300 Item(s) Танкове До: massaru 2 minutes ago 300 Item(s) Оръжия

13 Sep 18 01:54

hey hey hey , i am famous!!!

13 Sep 18 02:03

Srecan rodjendan brate, sve najbolje ti zelim!!!!

13 Sep 18 02:05
General George S Patton

Happy birthday :)

13 Sep 18 02:34

@BGsGold: thank you for your gifts. You are the best! I confirm one-way transaction! I expected golden dildo, but ok. I will not complain. I will also not write a ticket about this birthday gift. I dont like their new repression politics. It is publicaly anounced anyway.

13 Sep 18 02:38

@bybatu: yes, you are famous. Last days you even overcome Antimon! Do you find it exciting?

13 Sep 18 03:38

lul. happy birthday

13 Sep 18 06:05
El Coloro

xD , happy birthday

13 Sep 18 07:42


13 Sep 18 09:00
Lord Kurupi

Happy birthday, your last wish we can make it come true when you come here :)

13 Sep 18 12:21

I wouldnt mind to trade with you a paraguayan beauty for a blonde like that one :3 happy birthday man, better late than never. next article I write (if admin dont ban me first for some donation) I will pick a chick carefully for you

13 Sep 18 14:07

I am not famous :(

13 Sep 18 14:15

happy birthday, massaru!

13 Sep 18 16:33

@ambru, having an affair with a famous person does not necessary make you famous too.

14 Sep 18 01:49

@massaru this is sad!!! I am famous!!!

14 Sep 18 03:58

Naked in bed was goood

14 Sep 18 13:02

@ambru yeah, thats what every clown dreams.