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BG-TUR Peace Agreement

Published in Bulgaria - Political debates and analysis - 17 - 10 Oct 18 12:33

Bulgaria v Turkey NAP:
1) Turkey will rent Bulgaria Blacksea Coast - Eastern Danube Valley
2) Turkey will pay 60G monthly for this 2 Region.
3) Bulgaria will not give any DW to Axis countries , Axis wont give any DW to Bulgaria.
4) Bulgaria and Phalanx cant fight against Turkey in rental regions (not big Hits and support)
5) Bulgaria can fight against Turkey in other Direct Wars.
6) In any case if these clauses broken or bended, NAP will be cancelled.
7) This agreements will start at Day 534 and will end Day 594.

Signed by CP of Bulgaria


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10 Oct 18 12:39

Bulgaria and Phalanx cant fight against Turkey in rental regions (not big Hits and support) - girls, if it is one of the clause of your agreement then its should be an agreement between Phalanx and Turkey, Because BG can not talk instead of 7 other countries...

10 Oct 18 12:39

is this a joke ?? D: there is sth called enter on keyboard man

10 Oct 18 12:40

wtf hahahaha

10 Oct 18 12:42

@Kaatinga, what you said is not wrong at all. But I sign this as the SG of Phalanx, and i am aware of this deal very well^^ so it should be fine now.

10 Oct 18 12:45

Kaatinga you dont even know how much countries are in Phalanx so shut the fuuck up

10 Oct 18 12:46

@Safer2018 - Its your business what kind of agreement you will have, who the f*ck I am to judge you, just its strange NAP under conditions that its for 60 days and probably most of you will not be CPs or HQ members after 25 days :)

10 Oct 18 12:47

@Kaatinga yeah, from that point of view cant argue really, but maybe i will stay more than you think :heart:

10 Oct 18 12:52

Signed by eTR CP

10 Oct 18 12:55

@Safer2018 - GL. @danider - is not it your words my pussy friend?! 28.08.2018 - There is not point od surrendering in the game. I never surrendered, I always end up winning. There is no reason it wont happen again after a few days or a few weeks. At the end you will be the one signing the agreements I want. Like always.

10 Oct 18 12:57

What makes you think this is not the agreement i want. Compare it with all otger agreements and then say another nonsense

10 Oct 18 13:19


10 Oct 18 13:36

Destekliyorum kanka devam . Bu nap işimize gelecek 60g neki beleş

10 Oct 18 14:14

Orospuçocu satır atlasana awq gözüm kanadı

10 Oct 18 14:21

resigned by serbeidon of serbia

11 Oct 18 00:16

...Turkey will rent Bulgaria Blacksea Coast - Eastern Danube Valley2) Turkey will pay 60G monthly for this 2 Region... Good job Bulgaria. Turkey will pay you to be able to rent you 2 regions. Best nap ever. :) I think this is the agreement Danider wants! And I want a good nap for 60g, too. Napping is always good. It is so refreshing! ;)

11 Oct 18 05:08

So Bulgaria ir out, Argentina is out, Serbia is out Uckraine is out, Rumania, Greece and Indonesia deleted. Only Slovenia and Netherlands left. The first one too stronk and nobody really hates the Netherlands. Interesting Phalanx Situation.

12 Oct 18 03:07

Signed by eBG CP