Day 936 Nov 17 22:11
Game Rules

  1. Administration of the game have full rights to use punishments in game at any moment a violation of game rules by any player is found and proven.
  • That penalties can be: permanent ban, temporary ban, official warnings, removing/downgrading of all type of game properties (gold, companies, training grounds), removing any published content (newspaper articles and others).
  • In cases in which there is a break of real life laws Administration could forward the case to responsible for such actions real life institutions.
  1. Every player is allowed to have only two eDomination accounts with which to play the game. Usage of more than two accounts (also known as multiaccounting) will lead to permanent ban.
  • Sharing same IP address or computer is limited. Only up to two accounts can share same IP connection.
  • Shared connection becomes illegal in cases of which there is financial interactions between accounts in game (such as donations, stock and monetary market activities, working for the other account sharing the same IP address, newspaper article endorsement, items transfers via Military Unit options).
  • Shared connection accounts are allowed to have referral connection.
  • Shared connection accounts can participate in same political parties, military units, vote in elections and etc. all activities which not violate the mentioned restrictions.
  • Attempts of violation of this rule by donations or market operations by assistance of other, not sharing same IP connection account, is strictly forbidden and will lead to punishment also to the accounts providing assistance to such actions.
  • Account sitting is forbidden, but if players contact Administration providing information of reasons for a need of account sitting and period for it, it may be allowed. For the period of such allowed account sitting all type of financial restrictions towards IP sharing are in force.
  1. Using of bots, scripts and any type of automated software in game activities is strictly forbidden and will lead to permanent ban.
  • This rule apply for all type of such actions, no matter does and how much the player profit from it.
  1. Publishing of contents which contain : insulting, flaming, pornography, vulgarity, racism, external advertising or violation of laws is strictly forbidden. Such contents will be removed and deleted from game without any warning. Depending on how big and what the violations are Administration could also ban temporary or permanently the player.
  • Contents include newspaper article, article comments, private game messages, account names and avatars, political parties and military units names.
  • All type of abuses towards Administration team (including Moderators) will also be penalized.
  • Publishing contents which contain personal real life information about other players without their permissions is violation of the Rule and could also lead to removal and punishment.
  • Using game options (newspaper articles, private messages, mass shouts and etc.) for advertising of products not connected to game itself (such as other games, real life marketing products and etc) is strictly forbidden also and could lead even to permanent ban. Administration itself have its right to decide that a content not related to game could remain (such as charity activities or others).
  1. Exploiting other players and being exploited is strictly forbidden and could lead to all types of punishments including permanent bans and financial penalties for both exploited and exploiting accounts, no matter do they share same IP and are different persons.
  • Administration could find as exploit any of the following : working for minimal wages without any other appropriate payment in gold or items; one-way donation from one to another accounts consisting items or so.
  • If a player decide to leave the game it is strictly forbidden for him to donate all his values to other player, no matter do they have same IP or not ; players who leave game can only donate their items to country treasury via direct contributions, and not sending them to other players ; this will be counted as exploit too.
  • Administration will not take into account do these actions are done by good will of the exploited players or not.
  • A scam can be considered as boost and we will remove products/golds from the boosted player, without returning to original owner
  1. Exploiting bugs is strictly forbidden and will lead to punishment.
  • If a player finds a bug in-game and utilises it in order to cause damage to, or gain an advantage over other players, they will be penalised depending on the scale of the offense. The penalty can vary from a temporary ban to permanent ban, and could also contain financial penalties such as removing of gold or downgrading companies and training grounds.
  • If Administration find clear evidences that a player share bug to other players in order to provide them possibility to exploit it this will result in permanent ban without any warning.
  • Reporting of bugs to game administration which lead to resolving of it will be awarded in gold by game administration.
  1. Sharing your account information, such as password, information connected with e-mail on which account is registered, is not allowed.
  • Any loses connected with such information sharing are not Administration concern.
  • In cases of allowed by Administration account sitting activities it is entirely players responsibility to who they trust their account information.
  1. Exchanging, selling or buying any eDominations content (Gold, items, currencies, companies and etc.) for contents not connected with the game, such as real life such, or also contents on other games, is strictly forbidden and will lead to permanent ban on the account.
  • in case that the player will no longer playing for any reason and decides to transfer his account to another/new owner, he must inform the administration
  • Account switching is also strictly forbidden no matter how developed the accounts are.
  • Any content promoting or advertising abreak of this Rule will be deleted and the user might be warned and even temporarily banned. Repeated offense on such action may lead to more serious punishments also, such as financial penalty or even permanent ban.
  1. Logging into an account without the ownerships permission (password break) is considered to be theft and the one responsible will get punished with a permanent ban, no matter how much is the gain of profits or advantages.
  1. Administration of the game reserve full rights to change the Rules at any moment.
  • Last Update on : July 2018