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🎵 [MUSIC] What Imperator like to listen? I 🎵 |

Publicado en Serbia - Interacciones sociales y entretenimiento - 3 - 25 Jul 21 10:33

I like music.Music inspire me for a lot of things in my life.Without music this world wouldnt be same.I was thinking to make some series of articles so maybe you will like my playlist too.I will publish articles whenever I have free time and I would like to make your day little better.This article will contain music and songs from my country and this area (Balkan) and rest of the world.So lets gooo🎵

Archive - England, London (Progressive rock, post rock...) - founded 1994
I discovered them few days ago and this song blown my mind.For some people this song is too long, but try to listen until end.Unexplainable feelings while listening this.

Seether - South Africa, Pretoria - USA now (Rock) founded 1999
First time I saw this band singing songs from my one of the favourite band Nirvana and their singer Shaun Morgans voice is like reincration from Kurt Cobain.After that I checked their songs and they are really good and this is my first song I heard.

Smak - Serbia, Kragujevac (Rock) - founded 1971
Some of you wont understand lyrics, but this is one of the best serbian rock songs that I heard.Instrumental and voice of the singer is legendary.Serbia (Yugoslavian rock music) were not that famous, but I can assure you that any of Yugoslovian rock (especially Smak) bands were in USA for example they would be famous like Nirvana, AC/DC etc... Title of the song on english Blues in the park

I hope you enjoy it! Vote and support if you like for next part!


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Comentarios (3)

25 Jul 21 11:19

ma bez žareta i gocija neš ti nikad pljunut kroz svoj prozor :P

25 Jul 21 11:35

Ovo pusta na youtube, ali slusa samo Papigu.

25 Jul 21 16:28