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Second week air price is decreasing - stage of hybernation? |

Publicado en Romania - Análisis financiero - 2 - 26 Jul 21 03:14

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Ohrid, 26 July (Novinky) — The fact that we dont have any real conflict or at least a war involving few strong countries, led to the situations when the air price is decreasing, no matter what kind of event eDominations have.

This is what IonutO, a Romanian-based trader thinks, who points out that the lack of wars is making the players go into two-click mode, when the players are producing goods, and not using and spending them at all.

The prices of aircraft in fact are decreasing the last two weeks. This week, the average price was 17.17 gold per 1.000 airs, with prices as high as 17.7 gold on 20 July, and as low as 16.81 gold on 25 July.

However, IonutO thinks that this week there was only a, as he says a very small raise, adding that the price probably will go down again the next days.

This small change in price it’s probably an effect on the Veteran events, where only a few people will actually compete. For me it’s a useless event. So maybe those few tanks that are aiming for another medal/badge on their profile are buying  some airs to be sure they will have enough stock for the last day of the event,where we know that the 1st place will be decided, he comments for Novinky.

Additionally, he again says that the price will actually go down, step by step, until we dont have a real conflict.

There is too much production in this moment for what is actually burned into the game so the price will only go down, he points out.

Buy more weapons and tanks, less airs, IonutO recommends

Althought, at the beginning, speaking for Novinky he said that he is not the best guy to offer recommendations, he adds that the players should buy more weapons and tanks, and less airs.

He corroborates this claim with explaining about the Boom Boom event in which players get prizes, and for him personally is the best event that eDominations has.

I usally take workers, so its basicly getting workers for free. And as we saw at the previous Boom Boom event, the weapons and tanks price where sky-high like 25, 26, 27 gold per 1k weapons/tanks. Right now the price is lower, you can find at 0.02 and you can resell it when the Boom Boom will be on again. Hopefully in less than a month. So it`s actually a 25% profit on your gold in less than a month. Kind of a good deal Id say, he points out.

This week the average price of the airs was 0.42 lower, that is the previous week was highlighted with average price of 17.59 gold.



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