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Let's all together help Petros |

Δημοσίευση Spain - Κοιωνική επικοινωνία και ψυχαγωγία - 4 - 10 Jun 21 10:58

Here we can see Petros some days ago carefree, minding his own business...

But on the night between the 29th and the 30th of May this happened...

And now Petros is feeling sad and lonely, still hasnt got over with the fact that Manchester city lost to the best team of Europe...

It should be our goal to show some love to Petros in order for him to feel better... So guys, please comment and make him feel loved again! 

P.S. We keep the blue flag flying high!


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10 Jun 21 11:03
Extint Bleedem

press f to pay respek f f f f f

10 Jun 21 11:17

hi I m from Virginia. where are you Fyrom Petros??

11 Jun 21 01:45


11 Jun 21 04:56

Best way for him to recover is Greece winning Euro... Oh.... Wait... Nevermind