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[WHO WAS BETTER] Ozzy Osbourne vs Dio |

Diterbitkan di Greece - Interaksi sosial dan hiburan - 11 - 15 Sep 21 00:02

Two BLACK SABBATH legends, who defined the band in their time. I wont say anything else. Its derby day in WHO WAS BETTER!

Dio vs Ozzy Osbourne
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StoneColdStoneColdStoneColdStoneColdFranky Four Fingers

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15 Sep 21 00:05

of course ozzy

15 Sep 21 00:16
Stargazer Burjak

My vote for Dio

15 Sep 21 00:25


15 Sep 21 00:30

Ill say Dio. He was probably the best vocalist in hard rock-heavy metal genres.On other hand, Ozzys showmanship is legendary. This is match made in heaven. Or hell.

15 Sep 21 01:21

Ronnie James Dio!! There is no doubt.

15 Sep 21 01:42
Franky Four Fingers

My vote goes to Ozzy

15 Sep 21 01:44


15 Sep 21 02:40

Ozzy is a heavy metal artist-performer. Like so many others. Dio is a metal legend. Dio by all means

15 Sep 21 02:45

Also the *was* part is not completely right. Ozzy is alive dio is unfortunately dead. Also a great difference between them 2. Till last days of Dio his voice remained like from a other universe. Ozzy on the other hand....

15 Sep 21 03:02
Ozzy Osbourne

@ktab first i made the article in who IS better, but it would be disrespectfull to Dio, so i thought its better if its who WAS better. However, nice arguments :D

17 Sep 21 00:03

All my heart for Dio. He did incredible job in Rainbow as well