Beatboer Explained #2 Zer0 (GBB World League 2020 Champion) |

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Hello Everyone!

Welcome back to Beatboxer Explained #2 where today we will be explaining the GBBWL 2020 Winner Zer0, sadly due to Corona this event was held online.

So here is what Zer0 looks like :

First up Zer0 is a name that exploded online in the beatbox community - with people requesting him to make appearances across Youtube. His name is Zaur Balagdashev from Azerbaijan, he started beatboxing when he was 13 Years Old when stumbled upon that famous Poolpo video. He said this :

I was so inspired but I couldnt spend much time for beatboxing because i was trying to study hard .

He wants to be a doctor, but that doesnt mean that he will make beatboxing less important, both of them are as important for him. The reason behind being a doctor is this which was said by him :

Medicine is really interesting for me. Helping people and trying to make their lives easier. But you know , Im really busy with school, so i cant make videos and post it often .

As you can tell he is a really nice person. Without anymore talking i will show you some of his routines and all of his GBBWL 2020 Routines.

Have a Great Day Everyone! o7


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