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Meet the players: Antimon |

Pubblicato in Germany - Intrattenimento - 25 - 23 Feb 21 00:01
AREA 51 | Feb 22, 2021. | day 1400 

Today interview is with Antimon, German minister of education and player that enjoy trolling others in general shout box.

- Tell us something about yourself?
Hello there, its me, a former main living trigger factor of eDom. xD
Now I m just a quiet tractor paying homage to the glory days with my friends.
- Who is Antimon in RL?
Antimon in RL is named Antonio, 24 years old agriculture student from Zagreb, Croatia, probably a male. I m currently studying for masters degree in agricultural machines, hence my massive affinity for farming in eDom, its pretty much like applying my knowledge in practice. :D

- You are long time playing this kind of games, tell us something about it...
Well, its weird kinda, it was pretty much on and off relationship.. first time I made an acc in these games was in 2010, but started playing in 2013, then stopped in 2013, never really meeting anyone from that ancient game at that point.. then started again in 2016 with another game where I met some of my best eFriends, mainly from Cro with some notable exceptions (undead, shaumatrauma, spage, Ahileus, w1zl, Nemeton, etc.) and many players that will shape my eFuture and influence me further to here in eDom (Shiroe (unfortunately, but you cant outright not mention the filthy bastard), phantom/Qin Shi Huang (one more bastard) nakituminayashi/Rogal Dorn/Ulysses S Grant, Marlock, eDarth Vader, JerryZGB, vooztrollin (whose art enjoyed so much), SvsLee and Vist (unban Vist! Unban SvsLee!!), Lord MulTito, many ex SSF MU players, many ZDRUG MU players, many TIGROVI MU players, ex Amaterasus, Green Berrets and a small number of Panzer MU players)..
When eDom was starting I opted for joining Shiroe and the project of Chinese Empire, it pretty much sounded like a damn dream team if you ask me, merging Panzers, Green Berrets and SSF in one huge messy group which dominated in the months of the early game, and Im so happy that I didnt miss out. There I met Ikta (known him from before eDom but got to hang out with him eDom, one of the rare dudes I wish I was gay for) Kaveh, Major Tom, Kaca, Daca, Zebosk (Happy birthday bro!), Tsing Shi Tao, variola vera, aenfear, domen, Raiden (KTBFFH 3), Firelade (the filthy brexiter), drethgar, Bogomil (the self proclaimed God Founder of Chinese Empire, never forgotten) etc. (and just waaaay too many ppl to mention now) who I enjoyed playing with daily.. As soon as I started playing in China tensions grew between eCro and me (shaping up a conflict that lasted basically for 3 years), besides that, a massive hate was growing against China too, so the wars were on.. and amazing days those were.. man..
I still remember that one weird ass small scale 2nd round battle in 2017., when I was in Berlin and drunk af at 3-4 AM and I went on tanking and winning that round for USA, while Fireblade called for an OH to support me in case there was opposition. :joy: Lucky for me, that dmg was decisive and I was so happy, and its funny how that moment was so small in the grand scheme of things, but for me it was one of my favorites. :D Later there were major bugs, won and lost wars, troll campaigns etc. with Spain, Slo, Turkey, Peru (Oh the cancer himself, Mihael...) and the banter god himself, Sir Danider The Great who I had a massive and saucy beef with.. honestly those days were pretty much amazing and to some degree helpful in RL to me, since Danider was basically one of people that helped me ignore my depression a bit and have fun with flaming and trash talking 24/7 on a far less regulated world chat.. Damn.. todays kids will never know, and I feel sorry for them, they missed out on gold.. :D
Later I got to know Valuk and Safer who also had a massive influence in my later game, primarily in whats going on right now.
I mainly opted for playing a cringe inducing troll and having fun with my friends, slowly building my acc visa-less and getting to know history/politics of the game into detail.
- Why did you choose this nick?
When I was a toddler, my dad gave me a nickname Antimon, and it stick for years to come. He was the only one calling me Antimon, and I think its based on a character from Željko Pervans Večernja Škola live comedy show, but I m not fully sure. In early 2017. he passed away from lung cancer (hence my depression issues) so since then its partially paying homage to him.. I once made an article for him in the other game when I felt the worst, so if you have time I can send you a link to check it out if you like, its in Croatian.
- You are from Croatia but you play for Germany. You got bored there or?
Well, I wasnt originally a Cro player, I lived almost my whole eLife until that point in China. When I applied to come to Croatia I never even nearly expected to be accepted. At that point I was dead for long and had a massive fallout with some people I trusted the most in China. Cro had no reason to let me in, but they did, and I m grateful for such an approach. I had fun for a few months, but a game there just slowly grew stale with no real vision what to do next, so when I got an invitation from Valuk and Kaveh to join Germany I couldnt decline. I wanted to pretty much retire myself completely again from any play, but I definitely owe this to Valuk, and the sheer fun it can brings is just definitely worth it.
- How is Croatian community different from German?
First off all, it combines many different people with many different tractors from all over the world. The group is dynamic and fun, like a smaller scale China from the ancient days, but with a much warmer atmosphere and a much less strict hierarchy in terms of mutual communication. We decide stuff together with less than 2% drama, and we roleplay all the time. :D
In Cro there s still fun for many ppl, but they re simply getting too bored with the game at this point so its not that lively.
- What is most fun thing you did in edomi?
Ugh, thats on other people to decide definitely, but my favorite was spamming chetnik and ustasha songs editted to fit eDom events/players/mechanics, I have no idea why I find it so fun honestly after all these years. xD
- What aspect of game you like the most and why?
I think I m tied/divided on economy (stocking and farming more companies for insane production alone or in a group) and trolling/flaming on chat 24/7 (what died if you ask me, comparing it to historical occurrences). Now I mostly hang out with my friends in chats when I find time in RL and indulge in good old German roleplay. Damn I cant have enough of it. :D
- What do you dont like in (some) other players?
Mainly, and most importantly, lack off good sense of humor. Absolutely retarded and wannabe edgy jabs on all chat are probably why I 90% of the time ignore the world chat. :D Next is being absolutely toxic for no reason, especially with RL related cringe wars led by 9 year old and, of course, I have 0 love for no effort copy pasted boomer memes from 9gag and boomer jokes overall.
- You are Minister of Education that didnt write single tutorial, how you manage to do that? I hear our judge is not happy with that...
Im glad that you ask me about it. Due to Covid and racial impurity allegations I was escorted into a high security fun camp in southern Poland, I was busy having fun there and I was proven clean, and by the grace of Saint Kaveh the Hydrator, I was finally able to stop having fun few days ago, and I m going to please The Judge with my work soon. All I can say that The Judge and I are having a slowly growing friendship after I decided to provide him with a home every 7 days.
- What do you think needs to be changed in this game? What would you like?
Man.. everything.. Honestly I lost hope for it pretty much.. but I d love it a bit more optimized..
What I think Admin could easily improve is the chat feature:
1. Add Party and Friends chat and raise friends cap to 500 people.
2. Add an option in account settings to add or remove visible chats and the order of visible chats on your chat feed as you wish. Not every person wants to see world chat first, maybe they just want to trade and click less.
3. When you mute a player mute the article link too, it bleeds out regardless of the mute
- Tell me how is your character in game alike you in RL?
I guess its pretty much the same, except its easier to think of a good joke on chat than in RL so I guess I am at least slightly less funny and I m a bit introverted so I guess I can seem weird if we dont click properly. :D I m mostly surrounded with ppl who I love so I dont troll them.
- Have you some message for other players?
1.) Dont cry
2.) Cry more
3.) Wipe your tears
4.) For the love of God please dont vote up cat cringe articles
5.) Have fun and dont start with pointless RL stuff all the time :)
Peace out o7

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