Poems from Iraq ‘The war wrote your name in the list of death’ |

გამოქვეყნდა Iraq - სოციალური ურთიერთობა და გართობა - 3 - 22 Sep 20 02:49

by Faleeha HassanDon’t dance on the Danube river,
It is filled with flies.
Don’t smile to the flowers,
The flies come to them from the corpses left in the open air,
Don’t look to the sky,
It is strangulated with smoke,
Take off your dream from your head,
Close your eyes
And walk in the road,
The war wrote your name in the list of death.


Two doves
by Faleeha HassanEvery time my father is late from the front line
Sickness strikes my mother
and I tour with her the hospitals of Najaf.
I write to him ‘come back to us now,
Make your sergeant read my words: I am about to die’.
He returns my letter, laughing:
‘We are the amusement of the blindman’.
Oh, you River of Jasim, you tore my years
Between my father’s assumed victories
And my mother’s wishes in the emergency room;
They used to plant hope in her mind
By sticking on the glass door,
Two notices confirming: (awaiting death certificate).
Her heart ages so fast
And I vomit from hearing the chants.
Every time the presenter says ‘Victory is on the horizon’,
My grandmothers’ eyes rise to the ceiling —
She hides a mocking smile.


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Did not know that Danube is in Irak! Thanks for the knowledge on Geography!

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