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🎵 [MUSIC] What Imperator like to listen? II🎵 |

გამოქვეყნდა Serbia - სოციალური ურთიერთობა და გართობა - 3 - 31 Jul 21 09:41

I like music.Music inspire me for a lot of things in my life.Without music this world wouldnt be same.I was thinking to make some series of articles so maybe you will like my playlist too.I will publish articles whenever I have free time and I would like to make your day little better.This article will contain music and songs from my country and this area (Balkan) and rest of the world.So lets gooo🎵

Hackberry - Netherland, Groningen (Progressive rock, stoner and metal) - founded 2015
This band is not that popular, I found them in some mix of stoner music and from all songs from there, this album is master piece! If you like this type of music, you should listen.

RÜFÜS DU SOL - Australia, Sydney (Alternative dance, electronic, house) - founded 2010
To be honest, I clicked on this song because of colorful background... After song was finished I was not disappointed.It can take you to another dimension.Enjoy!

Alice in Chains - USA, Washington, Seattle
 (Rock, grunge) - founded 1987
I heard for this band in game GTA San Andreas.Im big fan of that game and after I heard this song it took me back in 80s - 90s (even if Im younger).Are you nostalgic like me when you heard some song like me? Also, this is one of the my favorite bands and I like to play their song on my guitar too.

EKV (Ekatarina Velika) - Belgrade, Yugoslavia (post-punk, alternative rock, art rock, psychedelic rock, rock) - founded 1983 - 1994
This band was very popular in ex Yugoslavia.Sadly singer died young and so as band.Im sad I couldnt have opportunity to attend on live concer.Song (Anesthesia) that I will post below is the last song that singer singed on live concert.I hope you enjoy it as me! Translation for this song is in comment above this video.

I hope you enjoy it! Vote and support if you like for next part! Tell me in comments about my music taste? Also you can recommend me some similar songs.


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