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50 interesting facts about FIFA World Cup |

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1. Only two continents have succeeded as champions of the FIFA World Cup: Europe and South America. In fact, of the 20 World Cups, European countries have been finalists in 18 of them. 

2. As of the 2018 FIFA WORLD CUP, 79 national teams have competed in the final tournaments. This will become 80 after Qatar makes its debut in 2022.

3. Mexico has qualified without winning the World Cup tournaments more than any other country (16 times). They’ve even been the host country twice in 1970 and 1986.

4. The country with the smallest population to ever compete in the FIFA World Cup is Iceland (population: 334,000)

5. Among the national teams, Germany has played the most World Cup matches - 106, and appeared in the most finals - 8, semi-finals - 13, and quarter-finals - 16 as well as scored the most World Cup goals - 224, while Brazil has appeared in the most World Cups - 20.

6. In 2002, the FIFA World Cup tournament was held in two countries – South Korea and Japan.

7. Uruguay in 1950 is the only team to have won the World Cup finals without winning the final. This is because Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) changed the rules for that competition only. Rather than teams going from a group stage to a knockout format, the teams when into another group. It just so happened that the final match was between the only two sides that could win the competition, hosts Brazil and 1930 winners Uruguay. Despite being heavy favorites, Brazil went down 2-1.

8. An interesting World Cup fact is New Zealand is the only team to go unbeaten in the 2010 World Cup as they drew all 3 of their group stage games. The winners of the tournament, Spain, lost their 1st group stage match to Switzerland.

9. A European nation has won the past four World Cups and five of the last six – Brazil being the only non-European country to succeed.

10. France has won two of the last seven tournaments, making them the only country to win multiple World Cups finals in that time.

11. In 1930, Yugoslavia started its FIFA World Cup game with the youngest starting line-up ever. Players averaged 21 years and 258 days old.

12. Germany’s 1998 starting lineup versus Iran was the oldest ever fielded at a World Cup. Players were an average age of 31 years and 345 days. The next closest record is held by Belgium, whose average age against Mexico was 31 years and 304 days.

13. The Indian team qualified for the 1950 World Cup in Brazil, but withdrew from the competition. As well as financial concerns, FIFA’s requirement for players to wear shoes during matches played a role in the team’s decision, since the Indian players had previously only played barefoot.

14. The last nation to win the FIFA World Cup as the host was France in 1998.

15. The only host country not to have reached the second round is South Africa.

16. Southeast Asia and Oceania have never hosted the tournament.

17. A first winter World Cup will be held for the first time in 2022 in Qatar. Every other host country has held the tournament in the summer months.

18. Among Qatar’s infrastructure projects are the construction of stadiums, highways, and hotels. The country is spending a staggering $200 billion on these projects. This will be the most expensive World Cup.

19. The main fan zone at the soccer World Cup in Qatar will charge 50 Qatari riyals ($13.73) for a half liter of beer.

20. It is the smallest nation to host the World Cup ever, with only 4,416 square miles and 0.12 percent of the size of the United States.

21. There are only eight stadiums being utilized for the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar. This is the lowest number of stadiums for the World Cup since the 1978 edition in the host country of Argentina. They only used six stadiums.

23. Qatar will host the FIFA World Cup in fully air-conditioned stadiums for the first time ever.

24. France soccer player Just Fontaine holds the record for the most goals scored in a single World Cup, with his 13 goals in 1958. He is fourth on the list of the most World Cup goal scorers ever.

25. Roger Milla from Cameroon is known to be the oldest player to participate in a World Cup Match - 38 years old. This man was responsible for leading his country into the World Cup in 1990.

26. The youngest player ever to play in the FIFA World Cup was Norman Whiteside from Northern Ireland. The young player had just turned 17 years and 41 days old when he played against Yugoslavia in 1982.

27. Luis Monti was the first player to represent two different countries in World Cup history. (Argentina 1930 and Italy 1934) Five other players have followed him:
- Robert Prosinecki (Yugoslavia 1990, Croatia 1998)
- Robert Jarni (Yugoslavia 1990, Croatia 1998)
- José Santamaria (Uruguay 1954 and Spain 1962)
- Ferenc(Hungary 1954 and Spain 1962)
- Mazola (Brazil 1958, Italy 1962)

28. The fastest substitute from the start of the game was Italian Alessandro Nesta. He was replaced by Italy’s Giuseppe Bergomi after only four minutes in a match against Austria in 1998.

29. Jose Batista of Uruguay was sent off after 56 seconds in 1986 against Scotland! He was the fastest player in World Cup history to be sent off. French referee Joel Quiniou has no choice but to punish him for the foul on Gordon Strachan.

30. French and Brazilian legends Zinedine Zidane and Cafu hold the record for most cards. They each received six cautions.

31. Jurgen Klinsmann became the first player to score three or more goals in three consecutive World Cups, later joined by Ronaldo of Brazil and German Miroslav Klose.

32. Between 2002 and 2014, Germany’s Miroslav Klose set a world record for the most World Cup goals. He scored a total of 16 goals over four consecutive tournaments.

33. In 1994, Russia’s Oleg Slanko scored five goals against Cameroon, setting the record for the most individual goals in a match.

34. Another interesting World Cup fact is that famous cricketer Sir Viv Richards is the only person to have played both World Cup Football and World Cup Cricket. In addition, he played soccer for Antigua in the 1974 World Cup qualifiers.

35. Hungary’s Laszlo Kiss is the only substitute to score a hat-trick in the World Cup. Kiss scored the first of three goals for Hungary when the score was 5-1 against El Salvador in Spain in 1982. The World Cup finals victory was the biggest ever.

36. Among all goalkeepers participating in one World Cup, South Korean Hong Duk-Yung conceded the most World Cup goals. In 1954, Hong Duk-Yung conceded 16 goals.

37. Bodo Illgner of West Germany was the first-ever goalkeeper to have kept a clean sheet in the FIFA World Cup Final That was in the 1990 tournament.

38. The longest unbeaten goalkeeper in World Cup history is Walter Zenga of Italy. While playing in the 1990 tournament, he went 517 minutes without allowing a goal. In the semifinal, Argentina’s Claudio Caniggia ended his run after Italy lost on penalties.

39. Known as the “Black Spider” for his all-black goalkeeper clothing, the great Lev Yashin played in three World Cups (1958, 1962, and 1966). “I like to have a smoke before a match to calm my nerves, then drink a strong drink to tone my muscles,” he said when asked about his pre-match routine.

40. As captain of the Italian national team in 1982, Dino Zoff was the oldest player to win the World Cup finals at the age of 40 years, 4 months, and 13 days.

41. An interesting World Cuo fact is when Argentina played France in 1930, Juan Jose Tramutola was 27 years and 267 days old, the youngest coach for a World Cup team.

42. In 1954, Gaston Barreau of France was 70 years and 194 days old when his country played Mexico in the World Cup.

43. Helmut Schön, who coached the German team 25 times between 1966 and 1978, holds the record for most matches as coach at the World Cup.

44. Coach Sepp Herberger’s strategy led Germany to its first World Cup title in 1954. Herberger sent a reserve team on the pitch when he faced favored Hungary in a group stage match and received an 8-3 defeat. When the two countries faced off again in the final, this time with the top players on the field, the West German team achieved the “Miracle of Bern” and won 3-2.

45. Frenchman Didier Deschamps, Brazil’s Mario Zagallo, and Germany Franz Beckenbauer have won the World Cup tournament as player and head coach.

46. The World Cup coaching record belongs to Bora Milutinovic and Carlos Alberto Parreira. Each coached five World Cup teams.

47. The FIFA World Cup first ever trophy was the Coupe Jules Rimet. It was created in 1930 by Abel Lafleur, France.

48. The first World Cup match was held on 13th July 1930. France played Mexico in Montevideo, Uruguay. France won 4-1.

49. No host nation had ever lost the opening game of a FIFA World Cup in the tournament’s 92 year history. The Qatar national football team made unfortunate history in the 2022 opening match.

50. In the 1930 tournament, Peru’s Placido Galindo was the first-ever player to be expelled from a World Cup match. He was removed after 70 minutes in their game versus Romania. Carlos Caszely from Chile became the first player to be dismissed with a red card in World Cup history. That was in 1974.



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