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Hello everyone. 

Today I would like to offer you the idea of changing the map, for at least 4 countries. 

As we all know, in the beginning every country had as many Core regions as it has in real life. For example (if I am not wrong), in the beginning USA had 50 regions (states). 

In the beginning of 2018, the number of core regions changed according to the number of population. 

For example:
Since China had the largest population, China got 10 core Regions, Argentina, Turkey and some other countries got 9 regions and so on. 

But, after 2018 the situation has changed. Several countries became dead countries, at the same time the population of several countries increased, although in both cases the number of core regions did not change.

The number of core regions is very important for active countries, because the more core regions you have, the less regions you occupy, the less damage reduction you have, the less rebellion you have  and so on. 

lets check Population and amount of core regions of top 16 countries:



As you can see, Greece, North Macedonia, Albania and Sweden are oppressed and have far fewer core regions compared to other top 16 countries in terms of population.

I know that many players moved in Greece because of their X2 production and those players will left soon, but 
Nevertheless, Greece has one of the largest own populations.  I also know that 99% of the Swedish population are foreigners, but  in Sweden this Situation has existed for several months and their core regions still remain the same amount.

meanwhile Almost dead 2 countries Argentina or South Africa has more core regions, then those 4 countries (Argentina has 9 core regions, South Africa - 7) And there are many more examples of this Imbalance.

I know that changing amount of core regions again, for all countries will be hard, but Admins can at last add more core regions for those 4 countries and make them 8 or 9 overall. 

I hope representatives from these 4 countries, And other players will support my initiative and new core regions will be added to this reshuffle, which will make the game more interesting.


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12 Jan 21 08:15

Well, Admin, ADD CHILOE too :D

12 Jan 21 08:22

every country must be the same amount of core regions

12 Jan 21 08:23
Extint Bleedem

no. we dont play eCommunismnations

12 Jan 21 08:31
Trendo Brand

is tru

12 Jan 21 08:34
Red Caterpillar

add 10 core regions for Georgia too jokes aside, good suggestion, supported

12 Jan 21 08:34

Delete Perú , Add Northern Chile and Chiloe

12 Jan 21 08:35


12 Jan 21 08:45

I think it is funny to see that. I ve already told you that this is not a good idea. Where were you when Admin announced Season Championship that had a a difference between the points earned in Europe from the rest of the eWorld? Funny, you guys know only to cry when it is to help your country, you are not thinking about helping these other countries that you tagged. At least be honest, tell your real interests with that. You want more regions, so the game will have even less wars. I wont write more because you shouldnt even write this after what I sent to you in the Global Chat.

12 Jan 21 08:48

Malpicci - We have no wars for Regions, we have wars for BONUSES. You can have 100 regions but 1 bonus from 10. p.s. Its useless to continue conversation, when you are looking for my *real interests there, lol

12 Jan 21 09:03
BiG Serxhio

o7 I support your idea

12 Jan 21 09:41


12 Jan 21 10:54


12 Jan 21 11:02
Red Caterpillar

Malpicci if you closely look, Georgia already has 8 cores which is completely fine your ` it is to help your country, you are not thinking about helping these other countries that you tagged` argument is automatically invalid

12 Jan 21 11:17

o7 Good idea

12 Jan 21 12:03

Kaatinga - you are wrong. We fight for regions because you gotta be very lucky to have full clean 3x100s. If you see the World map you are going to see that Sweden is surrounded by dead countries like Norway, Finland, Estonia, Denmark, UK. Turkey is also surrounded by dead countries like Armenia, Iraq, Saudi, Syria, Jordan, which the same countries can be applied to Greece. Now, Albania and MKD are together and in the middle of active countries, and it is almost impossible for them to do something without a war. The problem is that most of you want to stay in your RL countries, instead of moving to other parts of the map. What prevents you from moving to Argentina? To Mexico? To Paraguay? To Jordan? Or to any other country? Stop trying to touch others bonuses for no specific reason. If this game was designed the way you want, we would only have 3 countries in the World map, or 10 countries with clean 3x100s every reshuffle.

12 Jan 21 15:04
Red Caterpillar

Malpichi ur way out of the reality lmao

12 Jan 21 15:51

Red Caterpillar- Am I? What is your suggestion with the dead countries? Remove them from the map? Give them cores proportional to the amount of active citizens they have? What is going to happen with the countries that got these dead countries regions? Are you going to give them some kind of refund? Almost every country has dead countries around it, it is not anybodies fault that some countries dont have dead countries near them, and I dont think giving them more cores is the answer. As I said before, you dont need to stick in one country, you are free to move to another place, unless you want the game with only 5 countries, that would be constantly fighting for bonuses but I guess not everybody would help about it, right? So whats you point over increasing cores for some countries? If they want to get more bonuses they can fight or move, nobody is preventing them from it.

12 Jan 21 15:59
Red Caterpillar

Tell me a single reason why Argentina has 9 cores and Greece 7 or Albania 5. by your logic its okay to give usa 50 regions too lmao please use brain

12 Jan 21 16:33

@red- maybe because Argentina has borders with Brazil? :)))))))

12 Jan 21 16:36

Red - Well, first, Albania didnt even exist until 6-8 months ago. Greece has 7 regions because of the area they are at. Argentina has 9 because of the area they are at. Simple. If you guys go from your logic of active citizens all countries with more than 100 active citizens would need to have at least twice the amount of cores countries with 50 active citizens have. There is no perfect formula. Again, what prevents you from moving to Argentina? Also, you know Colombia has Argentines there, right? So should we remove Azerbaijan from the map too? Ukraine? Armenia? Jordan? Lebanon? Portugal? Finland? Estonia? UK? You know that there are many nomads, right? Greece doenst have 150 active players. They have way less than that, but many players are there because of double production. How many accounts were created recently in Albania? If you are going to start asking for regions, I will start too. First, one of Brazilians regions is named wrong, clearly Admin doesnt know about Brazil. Second, Brazilian players are older in the game in comparison with Albanians, so I guess we should have preference in getting more regions because we kept a community for a much longer time. Can you see my point? Everybody can get bs excuses, even I can, to justify their wants, it doenst mean that they are logical.

12 Jan 21 16:41

Kaating - What about Russia with 7 cores? Ukraine with 6? Armenia with 3? Azerbaijan with 3? Belarus with 5?

12 Jan 21 16:49

Kaatinga - Also, Im not even going to stay in Brazil. You can see my Greece CS request from a couple days ago. With that info, are you going to keep thinking that Im trying to get something for Brazil? lol I just dont like to see bad suggestion into the game, mainly because there are ways to trick yours suggestion. You didnt even got time to look into Albanians active citizens. Albanias first page ends with players with less than level 100. So, if we create 100 accounts we are all getting more cores? Not saying Albanians are multiis but because most of them have new accounts.

13 Jan 21 04:12

And more regions for Russia! :)

13 Jan 21 04:14

Malpicci - Russia is very active country. what about others? 3 and 5 is not 9 right? I am not going to talk you with you more about this topic. sorry.

13 Jan 21 06:10


13 Jan 21 11:50

https://www.edominations.com/en/article/20215 vote for this

13 Jan 21 12:22

Kaatinga - Serious? Russia highest ranks are two Warfaces. Sure, they might be very active... My point is that almost everybody has dead countries around, which makes it stupid to put more cores to some countries becaue if you do that you gonna reduce the number of possible wars. Also, other countries are going to ask for the same thing, and you gonna enter in a loop. Your idea is terrible and you cant even argument in favor of it.

13 Jan 21 14:54

Rather than adding provinces, it makes more sense to reduce the amount to the same for everyone.why should some countries get more provinces, just because they have a higher population?!

13 Jan 21 20:14
Franky Four Fingers

I wrote about it three months ago https://www.edominations.com/en/article/18475