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Ordinary people can do extraordinary things |

Objavljeno u Croatia - Socijalna interakcija i zanimacija - 37 - 24 Sep 20 06:11

I want to tell everything fast, and this time, I wont spend much hours making an article.

Today, a small country as Greenland, who was the last country added in game, decided to stop being wiped in game, and for once, and after losing a lot of players for this issue, to recover their cores and start growing and developing, getting the opportunity we never had: our cores and our bonus.

We dont ask that much, but it wasnt till today that we decided to look to Ireland face to face, and stop this situation, where we suggested a lot of ideas for Ireland keeps their bonus, and let us be free, all of them were rejected by them or just we will talk in HQ, which was for weeks and weeks.

Thanks to all those who participate but are not in this picture.

In total 120 players participated in this war, which seemed lost from minute 1... more than 40,793 hits done by our side... and more than 17,153,600,172 damage done.

I cant give you enough for rewarding all your efforts, but I can donate free food to all those with theses CS who participated for us who PM me. Is not much, but is more than nothing, a little detail for your kind !

Today we all saw, that ordinary people, can make extraordinary things... today, a small community, with other communities who are not even in same alliance most of them, today, we all were together for defeating a country that had with almost no cores, reason because we can not grow and our players leave this country... today, we made History.

Thank you all !!



Komentari (37)

24 Sep 20 06:14

Where their allies at?

24 Sep 20 06:14


24 Sep 20 06:17

o7 Free Greenland!

24 Sep 20 06:32


24 Sep 20 07:08

We never wiped you and you break a rental agreement, dont try to put us as the bad guys.

24 Sep 20 08:42
Secret Melody

OrignalQc, I suggested you a lot of options for you not to lose the bonus, which was rejected or wait some weeks more till HQ studies it. We lose 5 players last week because we dont expand, we dont have even our cores. After this, the less we expect is RESPECT, not insults in ALL CHAT and threats. For me, the ones who broke the deal were you, since I didnt plan to win that RW till I was insulted. And I have proofs enough of what I say.

24 Sep 20 09:03
Winston Hope Smith

Rental for 2 weeks was paid 6 days ago... Remember everyone when you make a deal with Greenland they do not keep their word. Even the greatest enemies here keep their word. Ireland has never broken a deal in this game...ever! Because we have honour. Even our enemies would confirm this.... losing your honour in a game like this is like losing your virginity.... you only can lose it once and it is gone for ever. Anyway 안녕

24 Sep 20 09:06
Secret Melody

Part of the deal is being paid back, that the first. Second, we keep always our word, however, we respect ourselves and we know about respect, and if you insult us, and threat us, our patience has a limit. If you would had kept quiet and respectful, nothing would had happen. Thanks for talking in Korean, a very nice language ;)

24 Sep 20 09:08
Winston Hope Smith

ah so when you make a deal... you can just go Backisies and it is no longer valid?? I never knew silly me.

24 Sep 20 09:42
Secret Melody

When you come in a peaceful way, showing respect, and with promises of helping, and then we sign, and all we got is insults, lack of respect and threats, yes. I wont agree on something that changed in the deal, so if you dont follow, why should I follow ? I gave you ways of getting same bonus but not in Greenland, you rejected when its benefitial for both. I informed you we are losing people in Greenland because of this and you didnt care, you insulted us and threated us in public, and still you complain why we dont follow also the deal ?? Cmon, you didnt follow !

24 Sep 20 09:47
Winston Hope Smith

You agreed the rental 1 week ago.... sorry I keep forgetting... Backisies!!!!

24 Sep 20 09:59
Secret Melody

I repeat, if you had being respectful and avoiding threats, everything would had continued as last 2 months :)

24 Sep 20 10:02

Greenland broke the rental agreement? Then they as a whole should be treated as a rogue/terrorist state. Croatia had a same problem with Greenland and their undiplomatic behaviour.

24 Sep 20 10:12
Franky Four Fingers

Sm, please decide on one scenario because more words come out from Your mouth more absurd we see. You complain that You lost players because of Ireland so You shouldnt have take gold and agree on rental. So i see You wanted gold, and find and excuse of another failed project of Yours.

24 Sep 20 10:14
Winston Hope Smith

MMM Threats? What threat? We had/have a rental why would we want to threaten you?

24 Sep 20 10:18
Franky Four Fingers

Your players were opening RWs against us many times in the past so please dont even try to talk about respect. We were already too good for You SM. And we will see if other Greenlanders will follow Your path of neverending lies or they wont. I have nothing against Greenlanders, been talking to few of them and they seem to be friendly, wise people. You are ruining Greenlands reputation so stop thinking only about Your self

24 Sep 20 10:41
Secret Melody

Murkoff, excuse me ? Which problem had Croatia with Greenland ? Hahahaahaha Franky, I can even make you a list of their nicks, do not worry. If interested, let me know via PM. Also, the RWs openned were from foreigns, as the last one openned. If I thought only in myself I would had rejected everybody in Greenland as soon as I was the only one here, and I would play solo. However, I accepted people, supplied them, and took care of all of them. WHS, ALL CHAT today: If you dont sign next deal, pay attention to consequences. For me, that is a threat.

24 Sep 20 10:52
Winston Hope Smith

If you dont sign next deal, pay attention to consequences SS please....

24 Sep 20 11:14
Secret Melody

I have the screenshot. Talk to me in Discord and I send you there if you are interested. I will wait your message.

24 Sep 20 11:46
Winston Hope Smith

send here

24 Sep 20 13:04
Winston Hope Smith

still waiting?

24 Sep 20 13:12
Secret Melody

Waiting on Discord, is you the interested of getting the Screenshot hahaahaha

24 Sep 20 13:20
Winston Hope Smith

Post the SS here

24 Sep 20 14:03
Winston Hope Smith

still waiting...

24 Sep 20 14:54


24 Sep 20 15:20
Secret Melody

I repeat, I have the screenshot. If you want it, just talk in Discord, if not, dont make me lose my time. If you want it, talk in Discord.

24 Sep 20 18:27
Winston Hopeless Smith

So until you post it here I will assume it is another one of your lies

25 Sep 20 01:47

Hahahahahahaha, autism detected...

25 Sep 20 02:40
Secret Melody

You can assume all you want. I repeat, if you want it, come and watch it, I have the screenshot saved.

25 Sep 20 04:41

Good weekein

25 Sep 20 05:54
Winston Hope Smith

I suspect I will not be the only person assuming this :)

25 Sep 20 06:22


25 Sep 20 08:14
Janty F

I have screenshots of WHS and SM together in bed... but only if you come to Google+ !

25 Sep 20 10:38

v o7

25 Sep 20 10:53
Secret Melody

I have those screenshots too, Janty F. Good old times.

25 Sep 20 12:13
Winston Hope Smith


26 Sep 20 03:06

Dont cry for me Argentinaaaa....