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I will present in today`s article few small changes that could change our game play and bring some more activity into it.

1.Change the q1 booster from the main reward into the Armed combat-in my opinion it is way to low to get the same
prize for the entire armed combat and as well for weapons round-it can be changed with 100 mortars-5 q2 adrenalines-250 airs etc.
 1.1 Increas or change also the rocket prize- Right now a rochet deal only 10m/dmg so it is quite useless to get 10 milion dmg for finishing
     an armed combat when you can deal 10 millions per hit with 100 energy/ The amount of the rochets can be increas to 10 rockets(100m)
     this change can also bring more rockets ingame and we can have some nice battles where the wall can be turned on t1 with a lot of rockets.

2.Make weekly challange resettable-Once you have completed the weekly challange and you want to make more this than 30k you shoud be able
to reset it at least once. Weekly token could be sell in store for 100Gold(just an example) so that anyone can have acces to it.

3.Increase the defence system health-Right now the ability is still growing and with just few destroyers a Defence system can be broken
in seconds or 1 minut. For the more fun the 3% bonus could be increas to 5% and the 10 minutes to decreas to 5 minutes.

4.Raise the time when captcha is offline in the end of the round.Right now as we saw in Devlog in the last 20 minutes of the round captcha
is deactivated.As you may know in the end of the important battle players usually put a q3 or even a q5 booster
so you do not want to lose 1 minut to solve captcha when you have a q5 booster and the wall is close,every single million matters there
and i belive it will affect the game play.

If we get enough votes we will make the article visible for the administration team and maybe some of this ideas can be actually implemented.

Thank you.


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07 Apr 21 07:31

1st? voted for my Friend Ionuto! o/

07 Apr 21 07:32

Thanks for support @XIONIS o7

07 Apr 21 07:34

Nice ideas hope we get some implemented o7

07 Apr 21 07:34


07 Apr 21 07:39

All of the above have been proposed in the past but Admin does not like it. He has completely different point of view.

07 Apr 21 07:41

@alex95 i may have miss the article with those propsal but it won`t hurt if propose again and again and again :)

07 Apr 21 07:44

Totally agree. Voted!

07 Apr 21 07:48

I hope majority of player to approve it so Admin can actually think more about it. Fingers crossed

07 Apr 21 08:41


07 Apr 21 11:16

we need captcha for every hit in battles

07 Apr 21 23:48

+1alcide 🤭😆

08 Apr 21 02:46

Agreed. But if 10 rockets is implemented they should have smaller drop-rate. As for the DS, instead of changing its health every 9 months there is another solution. Track down the player with max ability on day X. On day X+1, the destroyer damage can be (PlayerAbility/MaxAbility)*staticValue, having 3 different static values one for each destroyer activation case (10%-5%-1%), example static values 50-100-150.The issue will be addressed permanently

08 Apr 21 06:48

Comp habla la chica

08 Apr 21 16:13


09 Apr 21 02:27
the player