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Greenland vs Ireland (Video) |

Yayınlandığı yer Croatia - Sosyal etkileşim ve eğlence - 17 - 27 Sep 20 09:42


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Yorumlar (17)

27 Sep 20 09:54

Very nicely edited, bravo

27 Sep 20 09:57

awesome job.

27 Sep 20 10:01

no españita no vote

27 Sep 20 10:16
Rusty D

mmmm and they where the only country helping you, eh?

27 Sep 20 10:22

noice :D

27 Sep 20 10:32

Bravo o7

27 Sep 20 10:39

nice video laddd :)

27 Sep 20 10:52

Video about how Greenland broke the rental agreement? kk

27 Sep 20 13:50

check the numbers again and u will realize that u fought only Ireland!! wake up!!!

27 Sep 20 14:07

Oi Nikitaras, a never said we fought the whole greek state aye? A just put the greek flag there cause some Greeks aided and I wanted to honour that. Where did I say it was the whole greek state that fought?

27 Sep 20 15:13

Great video

27 Sep 20 16:38

Nice video, waiting to others o7 Make other funny as this is ://

27 Sep 20 17:01

oh, did we have direct war? And You counted in few foreigners hitting for Armed Combat too.. so nice xD xD its the funniest video ive seen in edom recently because I already see You SM spamming edoms feed in 1st, 5th and 10th anniversary of this battle as the biggest battle ever in SM memories. xD (respect to all Greenland people, except Secret Melody)

27 Sep 20 20:27

I wait photo than can vote .o7 😅

28 Sep 20 04:19
Secret Melody

Aislinn, does the video say we had direct war ? Reading is a skill that you can improve from now on. I respect everybody. Have a nice day.

29 Sep 20 00:45

Very good

29 Sep 20 01:01
Winston Hope Smith

Respect is earned SM