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Greetings, eDominations citizens

Here we are with the next installment of Admin news in which we will take a look at some things that have changed in the game and talk a little bit our major change accordingly.

- Energy packs

As you may observe from our news, we always had listened your wishes and did changes relatively. This was a long term wish from our citizens to create measurable strategy. Since Energy packs were purchasable unlimitedly, expectation of what your enemies can do was not clear. Thus, we have decided to apply limit on purchase accordingly;

From the release of article, energy packs limited 2 per day. Alongside warrior packs prevented to be purchased multiple times while the package is active.

Let us explain how limitation works;

This moment you had purchased on energy pack, image will become like above and will show you when your limitation going to be over and how many you purchased so far. So if time is 2021-05-05 1:00 next day 2021-05-06 1:00 your limitation counter will become zero even if you did not complete 2 during previous day. Limit is not calculated per week or month but per day. So you can not wait 30 days and buy 60 energy packs. Only option is per day.

- Why it is 2 per day and not 10 or 1 ? 

Balance is the most important aspect deciding the quantity. It is not too big of a calculation to predict how much energy can be obtained by single user a month and what is the cost of it. Simply around 600 euros may spend by single account in order to obtain 1200 adrenalines. 240.000 hits can be earned out of this consumption including 60 q5 boosters and 6000 energy drinks. As we all know, we had even over 7m hits and even regularly over 1m hits battles happens during serious wars in a day or two. 240.000 hits just a snack compared to the scale. Therefore, the ones who are willing to purchase everyday can obtain 8k additional hits everday which will be a good but not unlimited effect in battlefields.

Note : Hoping this change will allow you to measure your opponents and create your strategy accordingly. As usual we will observe the change we made and may do changes in case if we see needed.

- Resistance war presentation

As you may have already seen, we made a rework of the region page where you see when can start resistance war. Any of the messages above will be placed conditionally to you so you will be aware what you can do. 

- Battle Hero/ Campaign Hero Medal 

- Battle Hero medal gold reward increased from 3golds to 10golds. Campaign Hero medal gold reward increased from 6golds to 20golds

Additionally presentation added into battlefield to let our new citizens know fighting for first place is rewarding!

- Article Contest
 In previous admin news, we have declared an article contest and expected your attention which we have seen very surprising articles and decided to reward 10 of them as we had promised. Here are the list. Publishers of these articles earned 10 eDomium. Enjoy!

- Beginners Pack and Large Competition Package :

Starting tomorrow eDay 1.470 the Beginners Pack will be no longer available as a gift from us the Administration, it will be as always reachable in our Store for those who wish to start faster in eDominations!

The discount offer which applied for the purchase of Large Competition Pack, we gifted you with 2x Energy Packs, will be also no longer available for those who purchase it starting tomorrow eDay 1.470!

IMPORTANT : Due to your comments under latest admin article, we have decided to give up from region infrastructure idea. Worry not, this does not mean we will stop working on, please feel free to create an article with your idea that you desire to see in eDominations and gather a great support so we can offer that to our community!

Thanks for support!


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first teshu


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03 May 21 08:20

Great but late :)

03 May 21 08:20

super,thanks for limit the energy packs,o7.

03 May 21 08:25
Andriy Vasilev

Nice to see you listen to your community and try to make the best. Great work. O7

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03 May 21 08:36

Great News o7

03 May 21 08:43
BiG Serxhio

quit using internet explorer

03 May 21 08:47

Add strength for people which play for more than 5month and have lower than 23k strength. Let us grow to 26k strength.

03 May 21 08:53

Step Into right direction but maybe its a year too late? Tone of ppl quit in the last year just because of unlimited energy

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03 May 21 09:05

Terrible update ... No more visa

03 May 21 09:09

yes visa, but limited visa. I have no problem spending 100e on monthly basis to keep the game going. but shooting 3000e per fight and call yourself a superpower, nop, not cool. Amazing work admin!

03 May 21 09:11

Cry cry cry and u admin always take the crying side

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I need more pack

03 May 21 09:38
Fart Sinatra

Great changes. Lets see now what people make of them.

03 May 21 10:03

Rip Edominations

03 May 21 10:06

Good job o7

03 May 21 11:09

Nice job admin!

03 May 21 11:15
Judy Alvarez

Great update! I like the fact my google doc survey made a difference. I hope the game will be more popular in the future so we can make further VISA adjustments.

03 May 21 11:23

better late than never. voted

03 May 21 11:25
Sir Thanos

Last but least! Thank you Admin for choosing my article as one of the winning articles! Nice updates in game mechanics! For the limitations, time only knows if its good or bad...

03 May 21 11:27

Great update.

03 May 21 11:51
Law Abiding Citizen

Good job admin. Could be much more better 2 years ago but anyway

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Thanks 4 reading my Google survey Admina 😄

03 May 21 13:22
Stephen Curry

where is new event?

03 May 21 13:24
Winston Hope Smith

Thanks for prize Admin :)

03 May 21 16:37

Are they still valid? As if suits the best both community and our plans, we plan to expand it with other types of buildings which will give you small amount of bonuses in case if installed. Such as, airport, dock, library, university etc.

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Very good

03 May 21 22:56

Nice, good job

03 May 21 23:08
Nesalomiv II


03 May 21 23:19

good changes

04 May 21 02:17

Gama dont like this

04 May 21 05:34

Honestly, the intention is good but this is really bad

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King Admiral Geobody

now lets see how much time will be available purchased farmed stocks :D

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i like it o/