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These strange lines in Peru were at first believed to be mere trail markers when they were noticed by conquistador Pedro Cieza de León in 1553. It wasn’t until 1940, when a historian from Long Island University took interest, that the strange and very deliberate patterns created by the Nazca lines were noticed. The Nazca lines, which take up about 170 square miles, create the shapes of a number of creatures, including a condor, a hummingbird, a monkey, and a spider. Over time, more and more images have been found, including a whale (seen above), a spider, a set of hands, and a man.

Much like Stonehenge, it’s unclear both how and why the Nazca lines were made. The ability to draw these precise shapes without any sort of aerial view of the area is nearly unbelievable.

Modern historians believe that the lines could have served a number of purposes. They might have been part of an irrigation system. The images could have been fertility icons. They could have been meant as worship of the god that took their shape. It also could have been an astronomical measure, as Stonehenge was of the winter sun.


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