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- Organization -

- General information

Every Military Unit in eDominations is a group of brothers, fighting and defending their own ideas, nation, and homeland.Like every family, they can also stick together and develop as a team with the option of Military Unit Organization

- Organization

Every Military Unit Commander can purchase Military Unit Organization profile from the Store special items tab for the price of 250 gold (Quality 1). By doing so, Commander will be able to install it to Military Unit army and therefore create Organization profile, which withholds all possibilities for production and cooperation between the involved players.

After implementing Organization (or for shorter ORG) act as your own profile, it will provide its own page, menu, and possibilities. It has its own financial accounting, where the player will be capable to keep his gold and local currency, as well as his own storage and companies.

ORG itself doesnt work, develop strength and etc. The gold and currency into it come from Military Unit Commander or Captains by cooperation. However, it produces, stores and operates items and make a sure place for players unified development.

The organization MUST have own unique name; also can have avatar and deion; in order build or produce in the companies and hire workers and have its own levels.

Every ORG can reach up to Quality 15 and for each of these levels, it gains additional bonuses. For every ORG level, the Military Unit Commander or Captains can claim 14 extra workers tokens daily for the ORG to operate (generated every day permanently). Each ORG level upgrade costs 250 gold.

ORG itself is positioned not only on a specific Military Unit, but also on specific map region, and by making it so, it becomes bound to it. This is important because ORG location determine the taxation when companies are created.

The ORG will inherit as region, the region you are currently located the moment you purchase the ORG (Quality 1) from the Store. Then you can move it using the Military Unit and Organization Relocation Process.

Taxation of the purchased companies again is 10% of its gold cost and are gained by the country where ORG is located.

Every Organization profile consists of the following menus: Profile; Companies; Storage; Employees

The Military Unit profile is accessible by the Commander or Captains from Military Unit page, next to MU mass message, donation and order tab menu.

ORG Profile

Every Organization can have own name, avatar, and descr iption, adjusted from ORG profile menu. ORG also have the possibility of upgrading levels, each one of them is giving additional workers to be claimed on a daily basis, as follows:

Quality 1 :  , Daily Worker Tokens : 14
Quality 2 :  , Daily Worker Tokens : 28
Quality 3 :  , Daily Worker Tokens : 42
Quality 4 :  , Daily Worker Tokens : 56
Quality 5 :  , Daily Worker Tokens : 70
Quality 6 :  , Daily Worker Tokens : 84
Quality 7 :  , Daily Worker Tokens : 98
Quality 8 :  , Daily Worker Tokens : 112
Quality 9 :  , Daily Worker Tokens : 126
Quality 10 :  , Daily Worker Tokens : 140 
Quality 11 :  , Daily Worker Tokens : 154
Quality 12 :  , Daily Worker Tokens :  168
Quality 13 :  , Daily Worker Tokens : 182
Quality 14 :  , Daily Worker Tokens : 196
Quality 15 :  , Daily Worker Tokens : 210

It is important to mention that the gold for upgrade of the ORG is taken from the ORGANIZATION ITSELF for each level, and the first level for the ORG is purchased from the store.

It must be noticed that all gold and currencies once donated into ORG are not longer retrievable - there is no option for them to be withdrawn.

ORG Companies

Maybe an essential part of ORG activity is exactly its companies and the existing option to create and work with them by unified players cooperation. ORG region will be automatically set as your current location.

Every time an ORG is established, Military Unit Commander or Captains can transfer companies to it before making his first log into ORG account menu; this is one time allowed option and it works only before the first log into ORG. Its possible to transfer 20 companies per level of an ORG.

After this period, the only way an ORG can gain companies is by purchasing them. ORG can create every type of companies, raw (all except Q1 draws), military and economic ones.

In the transfer companies period it is allowed only Q5 raw companies to be transferred.

ORG can purchase companies the same way a player does; also in same prices; but it operates them in a different way than a player do.

Every ORG can create all possible type of companies which are in-game - except Q1 raw material such, since they dont have possibility of assigning worker tokens - and operate them working without spending energy to do so.

Thats because it is not the player who produces them, but the ORG instead. In order to use them, the ORG also do not pay manager work taxation. Still, companies have some significant difference and the major one being that the companies dont produce by themselves and they need workers in order to do so. This is valid both for items production, for raw materials and such.

ORG can receive donations in gold and currency only, with which they can build companies and to pay salaries and expenses.

Items created by the ORG are stored in ORG own storage, which is operated only by the Military Unit Commander or Captains.

ORG can gain workers every day by following: ORG level (14 workers a day can be claimed for each ORG level) and hiring them by Workers market in the respective country.

By building companies in ORG, the gold from this activity taxes is added only to the respective country treasury - as 5% of the gold invested to build a company, no matter where the Military Unit Commander or Captains are located during the time of the operation. Also, the ORG bonus rate is affected only by its local country bonuses system. Local country is a country which is occupies the region in that moment, where ORG is located. As mentioned, ORG do not pay work as manager taxes, since its companies dont produce as they do in normal players companies section.

Note : You can pay reduced taxation upon working your Companies with employees if your Military Unit consists of 10 or more active citizens. Active citizens are counted in this case as citizen who have logged in at least once the last 14 days (2 weeks).

ORG Storage

Every ORG will have an own Storage, where it can store its own production of raw material and items.

The storage will be accessible only by the Military Unit Commander or Captains, and only them will be able to withdraw products from it. All withdrawn products will end up in the Military Unit Commander or Captains storage and are fully operational only by them.

Only items will be able to be withdrawn - raw materials will be stocked into the ORG storage.

Every product produced by the ORG will be located only in its own Storage. ORG itself will not be able to publish the values on the markets or to purchase items from it (same is valid for currency house).

ORG Employees management

One of the most important ORG features will be its employees. Since ORG dont produce by itself and it is not spending energy to do so, workers become vitally essential for the Organization.

ORG can gain Employees only by two ways: Raising its level and hiring players to work for it.

Worker tokens are not added automatically and they must be claimed by the Military Unit entrance menu.

The other method for ORG gathering workers is by hiring such from the local country market. ORG, like a usual player, can post offers on the Job market, hiring players from entire country - it is not needed the player to be part of the Military Unit, as long ORG provide the best salary, it can hire workers all they want. It is also allowed workers to receive a salary in items, but ALL RULES regarding exploits are in force - people who work for the ORG must get respectful profits for their activity.

Players can work for the ORG like they work for other players - they do it from their private companies menu and gain salaries same as usual - paying taxes to the country treasury by it also.

Every production activity in ORG is completely done by usage of Employees. Companies dont consume energy and thus they dont produce by manager work also, as private companies do.



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