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Apology to UK

Published in Slovenia - Social interactions and entertainment - 23 - 11 Jan 18 10:53

Dear all,

After my previous article , discussions in private went in a bit wrong direction.

I want to apologise to British people for not asking their officials for a pass though their beautiful country. We thought you wouldnt notice us at all. That was a sign of a bad diplomacy and bad judgement from my part.
I also apologise to Ikta Solork for calling him various inapropriate names such as ego-tripper, idiot and kiddo in a deliberate attempt to further anger him.
I am serious about that.

Hopefully this wont ruin the great relations between the British and Slovenians or cause any potential sleep deprivation to all involved!

The reasons behind all this mess are in short: that I am a worthless cunt, who can not and should not be trusted (as most of you should be already well aware of, by now), that is making deals behind everyones backs, that my IQ has never been higher than 5, I have a bad breath and Daniders sister on my back.
I also admit of occasionaly beating homeless immigrants, on most occasions not paying the prostitutes for their hard work and to once stealing a little girls ice cream and running away, laughing as only a true Mr. Evil would.

While I am at it, relieving myself from all those burdens I also want to apologise to Danider

...and to Valuk89 for meeting with his sister behind his back Spain for saying that Paella sucks... Serbia for saying that Chuck Norris would beat Bata Živojinović in a duel my mother and father for failing them...
...and to Slovenian HQ for being an enormous pain in the ass I ussualy am. I might be a terrible person, but nevertheless do not intend to repent myself by going to penis reduction surgery anytime soon, so stop crying already, there is a limit to how sorry I can be.

I will repent!

Janez Grozni

p.s. since I have spent all my money on this game, to gain 10 stars and lessen the pain on my ego by doing so, please endorse this article, so I will have something to eat tommorow!


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11 Jan 18 10:55


11 Jan 18 10:57

LOL bro....thumb up (no, no, that thumb, the other one :) )

11 Jan 18 10:58

I love you man

11 Jan 18 11:01

I do know 1 player from the UK, not mentioned above 🤣 Had a laugh... hard one... as always 💪

11 Jan 18 11:07
eevil king

So sincere that I dropped few tears :(

11 Jan 18 11:14

What is this? Sarcasm squared!

11 Jan 18 11:19
Janez Grozni

Nope... the apology to UK and Ikta was sincere.

11 Jan 18 11:25

bemti siromaka :D

11 Jan 18 11:26

My sisters offer to instruct you in economics still stands. 😉

11 Jan 18 11:27
00 THOR 00


11 Jan 18 13:22

Will you teach me how to be a cunt? Please!

11 Jan 18 15:11

this kind of subtle humor can make anyone smile ;D

11 Jan 18 16:10

Best :) we want more we want more :)

11 Jan 18 18:56

Bata Zivojinovic najveca greska

11 Jan 18 21:34

Please also apology to Papua New Guinea! They really deserve it!

11 Jan 18 23:49
danial khoshnoud

:))) 👌 nica

12 Jan 18 02:39
Mord Fustang

You are now one of my favourite people in eDom. I also need the name of the model at the end for research purposes.

12 Jan 18 02:39

Ahahah ah sarcasmo !

12 Jan 18 03:55
Janez Grozni

Snake, she is a member of Slovenian secret police, you only meet her if you do something very wrong... I can t share the name, accordingly.

12 Jan 18 07:22


12 Jan 18 13:37


12 Jan 18 13:38
Trendo Brand

9/11 would kek again

12 Jan 18 17:30

Pa ti se meni ovde izvinio vise puta. 😆 Ma zajebi izvinjenje od njega se ne zivi. Ali nema veze zezamo se. 😎