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[AEGIS] Act of Treachery |

Published in Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) - Political debates and analysis - 22 - 23 Jun 17 17:24

Greetings, fellow eDominators!

This is an urgent broadcast from the AEGIS HQ to express our frustration and condemnation of FYROM. A nation that pleaded its innocence just to sign a treaty that heavily favored their side. Being the honorable alliance that are, AEGIS decided to let them have it their way. We even payed for the treaty.

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Unfortunately, FYROM came out to be a turn-coat. Pretentious in their nature, they proved our suspicions to be true - FYROM is not to be trusted! Earlier today, FYROM maneuvered their military around and attacked Greece in a backstabbing manner. Their casus beli is announced shortly after by their treacherous leader, Ghost:

To this act of treachery there is but only one response...

We will deal with the deceiving menace in a swift and professional manner; Now you see them, now you dont.


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Comments (22)

23 Jun 17 17:48


23 Jun 17 18:36

o7 We will avenge this treachery!

23 Jun 17 18:39

nice :)

23 Jun 17 20:05

I knew mkd ppls to be honourable men

23 Jun 17 22:13

FYROM broke the TW treaty I can see written here . . . ERASE them ! ! ! Exept if diplomacy makes a wonder . . . .

23 Jun 17 23:32
Re Sol


24 Jun 17 00:15

Oooh! so snakes these fyromians.

24 Jun 17 01:02

In the name of the most powerful Macedonian army I condemn our goverment for not respecting the deal which was in our favour and for ruining our diplomatical cooperation since beginning of the game. I like honest people who respect signed deals and our goverment turned out to be just the opposite. O7

24 Jun 17 01:26

Diktatore ti treba da se lecis be decko....hahahhaha

24 Jun 17 02:14
Frida K


24 Jun 17 02:55

Very low, very pathetic, im very dissapointed.

24 Jun 17 03:13

Wait wait, let me see if i get it. So all gun countries are either fighting for their life to not be wiped like france or poland or signing behind the back naps like serbia, slovenia, mkd. So who is aegis fighting after all, just against Croatia? :D

24 Jun 17 03:21

Wipe FYRoM

24 Jun 17 04:00
El Pistolero

FYROM has done the same as france with Spain. Sometimes the traitor does more harm himself than to the betrayed. Death to traitors HAIL AEGIS!!!

24 Jun 17 04:55

Another wiped country... so sad.

24 Jun 17 08:40
Emperor of Georgia

24 Jun 17 10:40
F2p explicit

loool look at fyrom , they just asked to be deleted . how u dare taking italy regions fyrom bad move !

24 Jun 17 10:41

@ATEHTATOPOT: you condemn but will do you something? Anyway, respect for your position. o7

24 Jun 17 10:44

Very bad and dump move

24 Jun 17 11:46

Honor is the most important thing in these games, sad to see FYROM breaking that. GL

24 Jun 17 15:35

treachery must be punished

25 Jun 17 06:38
bob rock

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