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Welcome to eDominations stranger!
Our next focus is to introduce you the abilities rework we have in plans! The logic of their functionality will be changed to serve game and your needs in a better and balanced way! Don’t forget our game is based on strategy and activity. Only those who are ready to spend for the best moves will earn accordingly. We need to make it public that we support any advertisement done by our players and we will reward them of course! More players in the game , mostly help you as players. You are able to compete one another and create more aspects in your game. It also provides us with more ideas for events and competitions , since we can satisfy the needs of a larger amount of players! Once again thank you for your active support,make sure you leave a comment for us to and rest players of game to see and discuss furthermore.
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eDominations - multiplayer strategy game

Game based on real life political, economy and military structure. You, as a player, have the chance to compare your skills of economic, strategic and diplomacy thinking, defending and building your own homeland in vast community of over 78 countries and thousands of players. You can be next world market monopolist. Next country dictator or democratic ruler. You can decide the fate of the planet with your brothers in arms. All is up to you and your way to DOMINATE.
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